2018 Canberra Exhibitor Directory


Alpen Liquor Wholesalers

See Alpen Liquor Wholesalers at the Food & Wine Expo!

Alpen Liquor Wholesalers proudly supply quality Bavarian and other European beer, wine and schnapps to Australian bars and restaurants and self-catering functions seeking quality and unique product. Find out more

Andrew Peace Wines

Visit Andrew Peace Wines at the Food and Wine Expo!

A quarter of a century on from planting its first block, Andrew Peace Wines remains a proud family business and one of the largest family owned wineries in Australia. What started as a weekend escape transformed into a family passion. Andrew Peace remains the Winemaker today and invites you to enjoy the fruits of the family toil with the same joy they have had in creating it. Visit Website or Facebook.

Cece Liqueur

See Cece Liqueur at the Food & Wine Expo!

Cece Liqueur is an International Award Winning Liqueur made in Australia using 100% local Fruit and Natural ingredients. "In 2006 my Brother and I opened an Italian Wood fired Pizza Restaurant in Bargo called “The Local Italian”.  Within the Kitchen my mum, Franca Cece, is the Head Chef.  Mum’s duties were plentiful including making traditional handmade pasta’s and cakes.  Even though mum was extremely busy she still managed, somehow, to fit in time to make Limoncello.  The recipe was passed on to her and had been in the family for generations.  Our clients loved mum’s cooking and after filling their bellies with her homemade Gnocchi, succulent Goat and homemade Tiramisu  there was only one thing left to top it off, mum’s Limoncello.  Mum handed out Limoncello in shot glasses to all clients at the end of their meals and she always admired their facial expressions after tasting it.  Clients begged mum to sell the Limoncello to them to take home but, since it was against the law, mum refused.  After watching this happen night after night for a year, I couldn’t help but think that there truly was a market for this liquid gold.  I began helping mum make the Limoncello and soon mastered the art. Domenico Cece Director Cece Liqueur Pty Ltd." Visit Website or Facebook.

Dine Rite

Find Dine Rite at the Food & Wine Expo!

Discover how you can save time, money and effort and actually enjoy yourself in the kitchenwhile preparing food that protects the health of you and your family with cookware that's so good it's guaranteed to last a lifetime! Dine Rite is striving to be the largest, most innovative cookware company in Australia and New Zealand. For over 20 years we have built up a reputation of providing excellent quality products and services to our customers. Visit our Website or Facebook.

Direct Wine Cellars – Sensi Vini

See Direct Wine Cellars - Sensi Vini at the Food & Wine Expo!

Direct Wine Cellars is the brainchild of a dynamic, young, Australian couple with a passion for wine from all over the world. After travelling Western Europe, enjoying the grapes of all regions, falling more in love with the art of wine every day, they decided it was time to come home to Australia and introduce the Australian public to top quality wine from their favourite wine region of Tuscany. Visit our Website.

Fig Jam Creperies

Fig Jam Creperies!

Each and every crêpe is handcrafted in front of you eyes.

Fig Jam is proud to support local farmers and suppliers.

Our Galettes are made with 100% Australian grown gluten-free buckwheat flour.

Flavour & Spice

See Flavour & Spice at The Food & Wine Expo!

Flavour & Spice offer Cobra Chilli and Mudgeeraba Spices! Cobra Chilli - exciting, fresh, flavoursome & HOT - gourmet, boutique, craft chilli sauces, barbecue sauces, pepper sauces and super-hot chilli pastes. Experience more heat at Mudgeeraba Spices - authentic, exciting, traditional flavours, fresh - gourmet, boutique Indian curry masalas, pickles, chutneys and curry pastes. Discover more spice at    

Frank’s Cider

See Frank's Cider at the Food & Wine Expo!

Real apples (and pears), made by a real cider maker, in Tasmania - The Centre of the Apple Universe (As Frank used to call it). Frank Clark lived by the motto "we don’t muck around". Frank's Cider has a gift for cider making and has created within a lightning quick timeframe, some of Australia’s best cider. Frank’s Cider was first produced in 2012 when Frank’s grand daughter Naomi Clark- Port and her husband Tony Port established the Franklin Cider Co. They realised the potential of using 100% pure Tasmanian fruit to show case cider from the “Apple Isle”. Naomie : “We know that tree ripened fruit makes quality cider, so we leave the fruit on the trees to develop all those complex flavours.” Tony : “It’s really rewarding to be part of the premium Tasmanian food and beverage sector.” Naomie : “I know that if Grandpa (Frank) was still with us, he would definitely approve of his apples going into cider. He would be so excited to have his name on our bottles!” Visit Website or Facebook.

Fungi Co

See Fungi Co at the Food & Wine Expo!

Fungi Co brings you mushrooms to grow - fungi for eating, education, art and more! Discover more at | 'like' Fungi Co

Ginger Spice Indian Restaurant

Ginger Spice Indian Restaurant

We specialise in authentic and delicious Indian Cuisines perfect for your special occasions and special events.We use our own special blend of seasonings on all of our food. From entrees, desserts, soups, and salads to creative beef, chicken, and seafood dishes, we have something for everyone. Try our Chicken Tikka, Butter chicken & other dishes. It's our promise you'll be back for more.

GM Homes

See GM Homes at The Food & Wine Expo!

GM Homes provides Australia’s first unique Full Service Builders investment property product.  That product increases investor confidence by managing all critical aspects of the investment including tenancy and management, sustainability of chosen market and growth expectations, taxation and finance as well as a guaranteed 15 week construction period. Since 2005, over 1,400 families have chosen GM Homes to build their investment property.  That is more than just a number- it is a statement of trust from each of those investors who have chosen us to deliver their finished full service investment product tenanted and creating income right away.  Our full service builders investment property delivery ensures a tax effective, strong cash-flow product that assists mortgage reduction as well long term capital growth for financial security. Website

Heifer Station Wines

See Heifer Station Wines at The Food & Wine Expo!

Heifer Station vineyard enjoys a near-perfect balance of elevation and sunshine, an ideal location for growing Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Merlot and Shiraz With respect for the Earth and a whole lot of altitude the fruit does the talking – that’s the Heifer Station way of doing things. We then add the love to create elegant single vineyard wines you will want to enjoy again and again. See more at  

Italian Delights Tours

Find Italian Delights Tour at The Food & Wine Expo!

GOLD COAST - Booth #104

Italian Delights Tours is owned by Lynette and Jim Romagnesi. In 2005, they lived in Jim’s dad’s home town of Varzi in Southern Lombardy for two years, and have been running these small group tours since 2008. Visit Website

Jalna Dairy Foods

See Jalna Dairy Foods at the Food & Wine Expo!

They source the purest milk from our Goulburn Valley dairy farmers. Pour it in a pot with friendly probiotic cultures, pop a lid on and let nature do the rest. The result? Jalna's unique thick and creamy texture; free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, gelatine and colours. All created in the actual pot you buy from a second generation Australian family business. Website 

La Bastide De France

See La Bastide De France at the Food & Wine Expo!

‘’The most authentic Saucisson in Australia’’. Gourmet Traveller.

La Bastide is a French Australian company dedicated to the trade and promotion of French food & wine products in Asia-Pacific. They are the representative for La Belle Chaurienne (traditional French food), Les Salins du Midi (salt), Procanar (duck products & foie gras), Chateau Veyran (wine), Domaine Bellegarde (wine). Visit Website or Facebook.      

Light Feet Wines

See Light Feet Wines at the Food & Wine Expo!

"unearth the naked truth” is harnessing all of nature’s goodness in it’s raw and naked form. Raw Vine Estate wines are sourced only from certified organic vines that have not been tarnished by the harsh effects of artificial herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Our wines have no added preservatives or fined with any animal products, just the earth itself. Website  

Mount Alexander Winery

See Mount Alexander at the Food & Wine Expo!

Mount Alexander Winery is operated by the Blamires family on the north eastern slopes of Mount Alexander in Central Victoria. The vineyard is planted in the sandy granite soils of Sutton Grange which are famed for producing high quality Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The property and vineyard are dissected by Axe Creek. All grape growing and winemaking practices are designed to maximise quality and allow the strong fruit characteristics to be reflected in the wine. The fruit is hand pruned to target yields of less than 2 tonnes per acre. The fruit is hand picked and delivered directly to the winery for processing where fermentation vats are hand plunged and the marc is basket pressed to maximise the intensity and varietal characteristics of the fruit. Quality oak (all French) is used to store the wine for 12 months before the wine is bottled on site using the winery’s own automatic bottling line. Stelvin closures are used for all wines to ensure the wine quality will be maintained until the day it is opened and enjoyed.  

Visit Website or Facebook.

Perfect Honey Company

See Perfect Honey Company at The Food & Wine Expo!

The Perfect Honey Company is a family owned and operated honey packaging and distribution business. Located on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales in the small town of Moruya, 305km South of Sydney and 175km South-East of Canberra.
The honey in all of the products is pure, natural, and 100% Australian, majority of supply is collected from the far west of New South Wales, in the countryside of Victoria and along the beautiful coastal mountains that the South Coast of New South Wales has to offer. Being only slightly warmed for extraction, without being micro filtered allows the true benefits in which honey consists of to be sustained for our customers to receive the high quality and natural health benefits in which this super food can provide.

Salami Shack

See Salami Shack at the Food & Wine Expo!

At Salami Shack we taste test many, many salamis and mettwursts to bring you the "best of the best". Salami Shack is Australia's leading distributor of salamis and mettwursts, bringing over 20 varieties to markets, field days and shows near you. Specialising in salami and mettwurst, we bring you a variety of meats - traditional beef & pork, lean beef, kangaroo and venison. None of our salamis or mettwursts are made from imported meat or meat product – all meats are sourced from Australian farmers. Our salami and mettwurst makers are all relatively small third and fourth generation family businesses, located in and around the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Tradition, fine food, family and friends. Visit Website or Facebook.

Shingleback Wines

See Shingleback Wines at The Food & Wine Expo!

Let the Davey brothers introduce you to McLaren Vale, one of Australia’s most renowned wine growing areas. During the 1990’s, Kym & John Davey brought their combined expertise in winemaking, farming & business to continue & develop the estate first farmed by their Grandfather in 1957. Their goal was, and remains, to produce affordable, quality wines that express the true character of McLaren Vale. The sustainably managed family estate has a predominantly Shiraz & then Cabernet Sauvignon focus. The smaller plantings of Chardonnay & Semillon also benefit from John’s fastidious winemaking skills, instilled during his early days as a specialist white winemaker. A modern, but minimalist, approach to crafting the wines is taken. Respecting the fruit is crucial. Small batch open fermentation, gentle handling, pressing and maturation result in balanced, food friendly wines, expressive of their terroir and variety. Website | Facebook

Smelly Cheese Shop

See Smelly Cheese Shop at The Food & Wine Expo!

We travel all over the world to source the best cheese to bring to you.

A world of cheese delivered to your door by The Smelly Cheese Shop. Cheese Club Selections direct from artisan cheesemakers to you. Cheese Master Classes include cheese appreciation; champagne, wine or beer matching; exploring local cheese, discovering it by different styles or country of origin.

A backpacking holiday through France during the early 90's was the inspiration for the creation of The Smelly Cheese Shop at Adelaide Central Market. Local chefs and cheese lovers soon discovered that this little gem was showcasing products that South Australians had not seen before. The word spread and demand grew for this carefully selected range of specialty cheese. Ongoing visits to cheese makers from all over Australia and the world, allows us to select the best on offer. Twenty years on, we are still discovering exciting new cheeses to deliver to you.

The Smelly Cheese Shop Online was created as a result of interstate visitors to our store at Adelaide Central Market, asking how they could get our cheese after they returned home. So in 2007 we began delivering cheese to your door.

SmellyCheese.com.au | Facebook

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

See Tamburlaine at the Food & Wine Expo!

Tamburlaine Organic Wines continues to challenge industry conventions and lead others down a path less travelled in pursuit of wine excellence. Our approach, we term ‘contemporary organics’, is a result of our enthusiasm to re-define winemaking, through experimenting with modern best practice in vineyard management, incorporating practical and sustainable strategies that continue to produce brilliant wine – with body and soul.

Visit Website or Facebook.

Twisted River Wines

Find Twisted River Wines at the Food & Wine Expo!

Twisted River Wines is boutique vineyard located on the Henry Parkes Way, 14kms west of Manildra halfway between Orange and Parkes. Twisted River Wines focuses on producing low yielding, high quality grapes.  The fruit flavours are more forward, which makes Twisted River wines crisp, bright and vibrant. Visit our Website or Facebook.

Unforgettable Products

Find Unforgettable Products at The Food & Wine Expo!

At Unforgettable Products, we have always known that the secret to creating delicious and memorable food is to cook from the heart. From the humble beginnings of the family kitchen, a dedication in creating beautiful and delicious products has flourished; A love-affair with the sweeter side of life and the creation of something that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Our sweet treats are from the heart, and above all, are about sharing a special moment. So often are those bittersweet moments complimented by a sweet tooth!

Food should be fun, heart-warming and beautiful to look at. And with this in mind, we encourage all to pick up a spoon, and with a dash of panache, trifle with our glorious range of gourmet dollop-it-yourself recipes, elegant treats and melt-in-your-mouth gourmet products.

Treat yourself to your heart's desires and discover memorable taste sensations for those Unforgettable moments.

Visit our Website.

Vietnamese Street Food

See Vietnamese Street Food at The Food & Wine Expo!

Wine Partners

See Wine Partners at the Food & Wine Expo!

The NSW Wine Society is operated by Wine Partners of Australia Pty Ltd and was formed with the mission of bringing our members the best quality wines at greatly reduced prices. There are several practices that help us do this: Rigorous Selection Process: Our team of panel experts travel to the wineries and select the best wines Australia has to offer. These wines are not always found in the big commercial wineries but are quite often found in small to medium sized boutique wineries. Cutting out the middle men: We deal directly with the wineries, giving access to wines at a greatly reduced price. We often bring the wines to you at near wholesale price, ...that's 25-35% off. No shares or contracts: Our members do not have to purchase shares or commit to any minimum purchase. We are about enjoying wine, not putting rules on it. You are never under any obligation to purchase and may withdraw or postpone your wine orders at anytime. Visit our Website.  

Wine Selectors

Find Wine Selectors at the Food & Wine Expo!

Friends of honest wine, Wine Selectors delivers authentic Australian wine direct to you. The ease and convenience to browse and buy wine online from over 400 producers means Wine Selectors provides one of Australia's best wine online selections.

It all started in the Hunter Valley, providing one central location for up to 25 local producers to sell their wines. We still work closely with many of these producers today, such as Tyrrell’s, McWilliam’s, Hungerford Hill, Tulloch Wines and Drayton’s. From these humble beginnings we realised our vision; to provide Australians with a chance to have premium wines delivered to their door. Starting with an initial base of less than 100 Members, we are proud to have emerged as the largest independent direct marketer of wine in the country, delivering countless cases of wine each year to over 200,000 customers." Website  | Facebook

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