A Balanced Brew

A Balanced Brew

Our philosophy is simple; take your time to enjoy great coffee, whether you’re drinking it at home or in a café. Learn to identify the different aromas and flavours. Try everything, and work out what you like and don’t like. But most of all enjoy coffee!

Alpen Liquor Wholesalers

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Alpen Liquor Wholesalers proudly supply quality Bavarian and other European beer, wine and schnapps to Australian bars and restaurants and self-catering functions seeking quality and unique product. Find out more

Andrew Peace Wines

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A quarter of a century on from planting its first block, Andrew Peace Wines remains a proud family business and one of the largest family owned wineries in Australia. What started as a weekend escape transformed into a family passion. Andrew Peace remains the Winemaker today and invites you to enjoy the fruits of the family toil with the same joy they have had in creating it. Visit Website or Facebook.

Brat haus

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"We believe that Sausages and Beer can be a healthy choice. Australian's and German's have a lot in common; we both love bbq's and beer. Brat Haus is the real Aust-German connection. You won't find a better wurst in Oz!!" - Ben Crick Brat Haus is the brainchild of father and son combination Steve and Ben Crick. Steve, a butcher for 33 years, had perfected a range of sausage recipes using prime pork and veal and adapting traditional European recipes to create a delicious range of bratwurst, knackwursts and kranskis. After a '"research" trip to Germany, Steve decided to develop the foot-long Grilled Bratwurst - common in Germany but a first in Australia. Ben is in love with beer but cannot find a celebrant to marry them. He is still looking. He prefers the Germans but is very proud of the Australian craft and microbrewery movement. Due to popular demand from customers and friends wanting to buy our sausages for BBQs, parties and school fetes we have now opened our online store enabling customers to custom order "Brat Packs" for pick up or delivery in the wider Brisbane area. Please click on our product page above for details on ordering online and grab a selection of sausages and accompaniments for your next event or BBQ. They are sure to make your event a raging success. Visit Website

Bunnamagoo Wines

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At Bunnamagoo Estate the focus is on highly individual traditionally-made wines. The grapes are sourced from Bunnamagoo, a historic property near Rockley and from the Eurunderee vineyard not far from Mudgee.

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Cold Press & Co

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Offering Cold-Press Juicing solutions for businesses and households. We are proud to be the Queensland distributor for the Kuvings "Whole Slow Juicer". Visit our Website and Like Us on Facebook!

Costco Wholesale Australia

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Costco is a membership warehouse club,dedicated to offering the highest quality products at the best possible price. Our members reduce their business’ operating costs and personal grocery bills by shopping at warehouse prices for everything from fresh food and electronics to clothing and cleaning supplies, all in one warehouse. We also offer quality and savings with our exclusive private label Kirkland Signature. Visit our Website or Facebook.

Dell’uva Wines

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Dell'uva: home to Australia's largest range of European varieties Dell’uva Wines is the pure expression of the fruit on the vine. Hence our name, which means ‘of the grape’. Dell’uva is the pursuit of the very best vineyard practices, with the very best clones, and the very best rootstocks. It is a story of travelling the world to understand the wines from the ground up, and bringing this back to the Western Ridge of the Barossa. Dell’uva is rewriting the rules. Website

Ding the Recipe

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Ding The Recipe was established in 1997 as a quality condiments manufacturer using state-of-the-art equipment and machineries (fully outright). The business is under the trading arm of Businetz International Ltd, founded in 1991 initially as a foodstuff import/export and distribution agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company was then relocated to Sydney, Australia in mid-1994 as a trading entity for Asia-Pacific. The business emphasis is on quality (colour, texture, flavour & aroma), natural products (paste) - through a process of painstaking research, development and to the way it is cooked - using imported and local fresh ingredients, herbs and spices received direct from the principle farms in Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia. Website | Facebook.

DoTerra Essential Oils

DoTerra Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. If you have ever enjoyed the gift of a rose, a walk by a field of lavender, or the smell of fresh cut mint, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils provide plants with protection against predators and disease and play a role in plant pollination.

Exotic Bazaar

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At Exotic Bazaar, we celebrate quality food that brings joy to your pallete and to your body.

Our mission is to gift Australians with the exotic flavours of traditional Persian cuisine, through use of ethically sourced produce, and environmentally friendly practices.

All of our sauces are vegan and gluten free. We use all natural, locally sourced and imported ingredients in our food, with no preservatives, additives, or refined sugar. Our sauces are mild but packed with flavour and aroma. When you have these sauces you will enjoy with your sense of smell as well as your taste buds.

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Fab Slabs Timber

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“The Slab Specialists – Dry Timber Guaranteed” Fab Slabs timber makes solid timber camphor laurel cutting boards for the Australian and International market. Each board is made from one piece of timber (no joins) and is unique in colour, shape and character making it the perfect gift. Camphor laurel timber is easy on knives and is naturally and permanently antibacterial. We are 100% made and owned and all our products are made on the Sunshine Coast. Find out more

Frank’s Cider

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Real apples (and pears), made by a real cider maker, in Tasmania - The Centre of the Apple Universe (As Frank used to call it). Frank Clark lived by the motto "we don’t muck around". Frank's Cider has a gift for cider making and has created within a lightning quick timeframe, some of Australia’s best cider. Frank’s Cider was first produced in 2012 when Frank’s grand daughter Naomi Clark- Port and her husband Tony Port established the Franklin Cider Co. They realised the potential of using 100% pure Tasmanian fruit to show case cider from the “Apple Isle”. Naomie : “We know that tree ripened fruit makes quality cider, so we leave the fruit on the trees to develop all those complex flavours.” Tony : “It’s really rewarding to be part of the premium Tasmanian food and beverage sector.” Naomie : “I know that if Grandpa (Frank) was still with us, he would definitely approve of his apples going into cider. He would be so excited to have his name on our bottles!” Visit Website or Facebook.

GM Homes

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GM Homes provides Australia’s first unique Full Service Builders investment property product.  That product increases investor confidence by managing all critical aspects of the investment including tenancy and management, sustainability of chosen market and growth expectations, taxation and finance as well as a guaranteed 15 week construction period. Since 2005, over 1,400 families have chosen GM Homes to build their investment property.  That is more than just a number- it is a statement of trust from each of those investors who have chosen us to deliver their finished full service investment product tenanted and creating income right away.  Our full service builders investment property delivery ensures a tax effective, strong cash-flow product that assists mortgage reduction as well long term capital growth for financial security. Website

Greek Recipe

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Green Living Australia

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Green Living Australia is a family run business located south of Brisbane. The business evolved from a need to create home made, preservative free, additive free foods, and chemical free body products to combat the ever increasing food allergy and chemical sensitivity within our society. From this, Green Living Australia has built a strong community, providing pure cultures, equipment and education for conscious foodies to fill their dietary requirements and gourmet food cravings or make all natural body products that are chemical free and sustainable! With our help Australians are able to produce their own artisan cheeses, from chevre and cream fraiche to feta and camembert, and boutique lacto-ferments, such as kim chi, sauerkraut, natural pickles, kefir and kamboocha. We support people in learning the skills needed to take back control of their diets and help develop their confidence to bring back the crafts of home cheesemaking and home preserving. We believe it is every person’s right, and our society’s responsibility, to know what is in our foods and how they are produced. We want to pull back the curtain and tell all the secrets, and really get people excited about the science and art of cultured foods!


Everything we supply is researched to make sure that we are providing the safest, most sustainable products available! Our main product lines include cheesemaking kits, yoghurt cultures, lacto-fermentation (probiotic) cultures, and home preserving supplies. Green Living Australia provides kits, accessories and education so you can make your own gourmet cheeses, thick and creamy probiotic yoghurts, non-dairy vegan yoghurts, lacto-fermented veggies, additive free home preserves, and chemical free natural soap and cosmetics. Kits are available for the novice to advanced DIYer to help you take another step in the right direction towards sustainability. Full email and telephone support is provided and 5 hour workshops are held south of Brisbane regularly.

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Hello Fresh

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Every week Hello Fresh has chefs create amazing recipes for you that are easy to prepare. Their meals are interesting yet simple. They then source only the highest-quality and freshest produce and introduce you to ingredients that you won’t find in your local supermarket. They deliver your recipes and ingredients to your door every week. It's happiness in a box. All of our menus are overseen and developed by a dedicated HelloFresh team lead by 2011 MasterChef Top 24 Finalist (and HelloFresh Australia founder) Tom Rutledge. Tom’s approach to food is a product of a childhood on a farm. The big farmhouse kitchen was a constant source of inspiration and treats. And, beyond the kitchen - whether in the veggie patch, the chookshed, or the paddock - he developed a clear understanding of where everything came from, and the importance of that provenance. Every meal was living testimony to relationship between great ingredients and delicious meals.  

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In Season Gourmet Food

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Inspired by Night

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We pride ourselves in sourcing the freshest local scenic rim gourmet products! 

Services we provide- Private catering, picnic hampers & limousines tours. 

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Italian Wine Connection

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Merchants of Boutique Italian Wines.

Check out our Website or Facebook

Italiquore Brands Internation

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Italiquore/ Pallini Limoncello Brands Internationale is a Brisbane based liquor distributor which has secured exclusive long-term National rights to a range of premium Italian products. Australia has embraced Italian culture, food and espresso so Italiquore was born with the dream to truly bring the delights of Italian Liqueurs and Sparkling Wine to mainstream Australia. All of Italiquore Brands are market leaders. Visit Website or Facebook.

Jalna Dairy Foods

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Many yoghurts are mass produced using gelatine, colours and food acids. But Jalna is different. Our yoghurt is made the traditional pot set way. We source the purest milk from our Goulburn Valley dairy farmers. Pour it in a pot with friendly probiotic cultures, pop a lid on and let nature do the rest. The result? Jalna's unique thick and creamy texture; free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, gelatine and colours. All created in the actual pot you buy from a second generation Australian family business.


Jim’s Beef Jerky

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Coming from generations of Aussie cattle farmers, Jim knows good quality cattle produce good quality steak! That's why all of Jim's products are created using only superior yearling grade topsides sourced from Australian quality cattle producers. To this day, it's still a hands on family affair. Jim and his team select only the finest cuts of meat skilfully hand slicing and spicing the steaks, then naturally drying the jerky to absolute perfection. It takes time... a lot of time, but everyone knows the best things come to those who wait! So what is the taste of Australia? That's a good question. At Jim's we believe an important aspect of Aussie cuisine has been the adopting and melding of flavours from other cultures around the globe. By adding a little Aussie alchemy we've made them our own, creating major crowd pleasers like 'Original' (Jim's secret recipe!), refined artisan varieties like Teriyaki to our more 'out there' limited editions like Salted Caramel. Our only requirement is that they all 'taste bloody great!'. As Jim's Jerky is now multi-award winning, I guess we succeeded. We're passionate about what we do and the Jerky we create. We believe it's the best quality and tasting Jerky your hard earned buck can buy. To back that up we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Tuck in! Bite, chew, taste Australia. ...then go and tell all your mates! Visit our Website or Facebook

Kingsley Grove Estate

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Welcome to Kingsley Grove, a family owned business operated in the traditional estate tradition. The Berry family are dedicated to making wine for all tastes, from our traditional range of wines to our exciting and innovative Queensland range of wines. These are wines made especially for the Queensland climate, low in alcohol and easy drinking, especially when chilled. We are also passionate about promoting South Burnett tourism and wine. Visit Website and Facebook.


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GOLD COAST - Booth #23

Kiss O Fire is a liqueur first introduced to the market in 2009. Our Unique liqueur is a one of a kind which was awarded 1st place at the annual chilli festival in Manly New South Wales, for best new product. All our products are hand made and based on a butterscotch liqueur infused with chilli leading to a spicy yet sweet sensation sure to tantalise the taste buds. Which many applications from drinking to cooking KissOfire will set your taste buds alight! Visit Website

Light Feet Wines

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"unearth the naked truth” is harnessing all of nature’s goodness in it’s raw and naked form. Raw Vine Estate wines are sourced only from certified organic vines that have not been tarnished by the harsh effects of artificial herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Our wines have no added preservatives or fined with any animal products, just the earth itself. Website  

Lock N Leave

Find Lock N Leave at the Food & Wine Expo! Our family has been in the industry for over 30 years whether it is managing or fitting out storage unit facilities, we have experience in all areas both here in Australia and New Zealand. Lock N Leave is your home away from home, where you can store almost anything you want.  Whether it be storing your prized wine collection in our climate controlled wine cellar, de-cluttering your home or growing your business we have a storage unit suited for all your needs.  Situated in a brand new purpose-built building, which has never been affected by floodwaters, we are 9km from Brisbane CBD with direct access from the main road and the perfect place to securely store your belongings. Visit our Website or Facebook

Maria Nicola Jewellery

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved jewellery. I loved gazing into antique shop windows as a young girl. I appreciated the workmanship in each delicately stunning piece of jewellery.
For over 20 years I have been in the jewellery industry and have done everything from hand making and designing jewellery, guest speaking at jewellery styling events, jewellery styling for women to even writing my own book.
I’m sure I was a princess in a past life; as my first jewellery business was making tiaras in my bridal jewellery business for 7 years before I opened a gift store in the beautiful beach side suburb of Manly, Sydney where I made and sourced all sorts of different styles of jewellery.
From my gorgeous store in Manly I turned my passion to designing versatile jewellery for busy women, which is now my focus. Seeing women’s faces light up when they see the 10 Way Necklace and Crystal Tassel transform into jewellery that will take you from day to night and every holiday lights me up each and every time! The positive testimonials I receive inspires me and is the reason why I love what I do!
Jewellery makes me feel special. For me it is an extension of myself and the mood I am in. Whether I’m in a delicate mood or feeling bold, there will always be a certain type of jewellery to fit my mood. Regardless of the look, when wearing jewellery I feel polished and well put together, which makes me feel beautiful and confident. Jewellery has a unique magic to it that makes me feel special, and I believe every woman deserves to feel the same way.

Mount Alexander Winery

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Mount Alexander Winery is operated by the Blamires family on the north eastern slopes of Mount Alexander in Central Victoria. The vineyard is planted in the sandy granite soils of Sutton Grange which are famed for producing high quality Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The property and vineyard are dissected by Axe Creek. All grape growing and winemaking practices are designed to maximise quality and allow the strong fruit characteristics to be reflected in the wine. The fruit is hand pruned to target yields of less than 2 tonnes per acre. The fruit is hand picked and delivered directly to the winery for processing where fermentation vats are hand plunged and the marc is basket pressed to maximise the intensity and varietal characteristics of the fruit. Quality oak (all French) is used to store the wine for 12 months before the wine is bottled on site using the winery’s own automatic bottling line. Stelvin closures are used for all wines to ensure the wine quality will be maintained until the day it is opened and enjoyed.  

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PainPod Australia

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What is a PainPod™? The PainPod™ advanced medical units are fast-working and completely drug-free medical devices. PainPod™s alleviate pain by passing bio-friendly electrical currents through the skin. They are also used in physiotherapy for injury or surgery recovery, and can be used as a workout aid to improve exercise performance. Anyone benefiting from treatment can potentially enjoy pain relief from a number of different conditions including chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders, surgery, injury, muscle strain, cramps, labour pain and more. PainPod™ is suitable for physiotherapy and is known to improve performance and recovery for both professional athletes and general lovers of recreational exercise. website

Perterson House

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Peterson House is the recognised specialist producer of sparkling wines in the Hunter Valley. Our aim is to have a wine for all tastes and all occasions, because as we say here “Life’s flat without bubbles”. Website | Facebook

Pieroth Wines

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Pieroth Wines's top quality wines are in a class of their own. International awards and medals confirm the high quality of their wines, on which Pieroth Wines penologists and master vintners stake their name and their reputation. Pieroth Wines's experienced wine consultants will be delighted to present their wines to you. The House of Ferdinand Pieroth has always been synonymous with German viticulture, strong family tradition and quality of life. Excellent customer service and the expertise acquired over many years have made us the undisputed market leaders in direct wine sales all over the world. The House of Ferdinand Pieroth has always been synonymous with German viticulture, strong family tradition and quality of life. Excellent customer service and the expertise acquired over many years have made us the undisputed market leaders in direct wine sales all over the world. At the heart of the extensive range of wines offered by Ferdinand Pieroth are quality wines from the Nahe and adjacent wine-producing regions. In addition, due to our close network of winemakers from around the world, we are regarded as a reliable authority and supplier of a diverse range of international wine. Why not convince yourself of the excellent quality of our wines by visiting us, or simply make an appointment to arrange a personal wine-tasting?   Visit Website

Pure Artisan Cheese

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Located in beautiful Mount Tamborine, in the Witches Chase complex. Pure Artisan Cheese has enjoyed a whirlwind beginning having cheese ordered around the country, even while beginning the sometimes lengthy cheese making process. Our cheese is made by using as many traditional methods as possible. We use pure milk sourced locally which we pasteurise in our 3000L/hr continuous flow pasteurising machines. We not only make beautiful cheese ourselves but also enjoy passing on our wealth of knowledge by educating any who share our passion for fine cheese. Find out more 

Red Bay Brewery

Find Red Bay Brewery at the Food & Wine Expo!

Formed in 2010, Red Bay Brewery, located at Cleveland, was one of the original independent breweries in Brisbane, before the craft brewery bandwagon rolled into town. Jeffery, our Brew-master and Director, started his brewing journey with his Father 30 Years ago.

His palette and skill were enhanced with his training as a Chef, a different path than most. This background has given us the ability for our small batch brewery to produce "More than just exceptional beer."

All ingredients are sourced locally from Australia and New Zealand, excepting hops which are sourced locally when available or from various international growers due to their flavour profile.

Our malts are 100% natural, have no genetically-modified (GM) grains, and no chemicals are added at any stage during growing or harvesting to either accelerate germination or alter the malt’s visual appearance. Great tasting beer relies on top quality, all natural ingredients.

Red Bay Brewery's fruit based brewed or fermented beverages, Ginger Beer, Ciders and Lemonades are the same. All ingredients are organic locally sourced from Queensland and Australian Farms.

The end result is a 100% chemical, non genetically-modified(GM) and preservative free beverage, that will taste crisper, cleaner and better than anything you have tasted before - all at a fraction of the price of inferior products from your bottle shop. But don’t think our drinks won’t last, as they will keep for 6 months refrigerated.

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Sacre Bleu

Find Sacre Bleu at the Food & Wine Expo!

Delicious Home Made Caneles

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Salt Meats Cheese

Salt Meats Cheese!

Salt Meats Cheese delivers passion for food and shared experiences in a relaxed and fun atmosphere to enjoy simple, delicious and quality dishes over a cocktail or two with co-workers, family or friends.

Serafino Wines

See Serafino Wines at the Food & Wine Expo!

This incredibly scenic setting for Serafino’s cellar door, restaurant, accommodation and function centre swathes of gum trees, animal life and of course the all important vineyard vistas, conspire for an outstanding visit to one of the region’s increasingly interesting wine producers.

Situation in the heart of McLaren Vale, in the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula, it’s no surprise Serafino has built its reputation as a first-choice destination for conferences, events, weddings and accommodation. The ideal place to enjoy local cuisine and estate grown wine.

Check them out!

Smelly Cheese Shop

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We travel all over the world to source the best cheese to bring to you.

A world of cheese delivered to your door by The Smelly Cheese Shop. Cheese Club Selections direct from artisan cheesemakers to you. Cheese Master Classes include cheese appreciation; champagne, wine or beer matching; exploring local cheese, discovering it by different styles or country of origin.

A backpacking holiday through France during the early 90's was the inspiration for the creation of The Smelly Cheese Shop at Adelaide Central Market. Local chefs and cheese lovers soon discovered that this little gem was showcasing products that South Australians had not seen before. The word spread and demand grew for this carefully selected range of specialty cheese. Ongoing visits to cheese makers from all over Australia and the world, allows us to select the best on offer. Twenty years on, we are still discovering exciting new cheeses to deliver to you.

The Smelly Cheese Shop Online was created as a result of interstate visitors to our store at Adelaide Central Market, asking how they could get our cheese after they returned home. So in 2007 we began delivering cheese to your door.

SmellyCheese.com.au | Facebook

Springbok Foods

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Springbok Foods is a national wholesale distributor and retailer of the largest range of South African groceries and food products in Australia. We import and sell all your favourite South African products. We also manufacture and sell a wide range of our own quality gourmet boerewors sausages, biltong & Jerky, dry wors (droewors), sosaties and mielie meal under our own brand label. Visit Website

Studiostar Photography Gold Coast

Find Studiostar Photography Gold Coast at the Food & Wine Expo!

So much more than perfect photographs, by employing our proven formula of makeup, hairstyling and studio photo shoot with a variety of different looks we are able to produce the perfect glamour portraits for our clients. We invite you to experience the Studiostar experience for yourself. Sit back, relax and enjoy this treasured and luxurious time, the unparalleled quality and value offered only by Studiostar, Australia's leading and most experienced network of photography studios. Visit Website or Facebook

Teppanyaki Noodles

Find Teppanyaki Noodles at the Food & Wine Expo!

BRISBANE - Booth #48/49

In 2009, Katsu invented one-of-a-kind Japanese Noodle and established TEPPANYAKI NOODLES.The first stall appeared at Chandler Market in Brisbane in September 2009.Since Then, food stalls have been supporting several markets, festivals, events all over south east QLD. Check out our Website

The American Hot Dog

Find The American Hot Dog at The Food & Wine Expo!

The American Hotdog Company is a family run business which started on the Sunshine Coast.

Drew’s love affair with hotdogs began as a child in America. Growing up in Minnesota and taking family vacations around the country exposed him to traditional hotdogs throughout the US. It also helped that his favourite uncle had a traditional hotdog cart on the streets of New York City!! The dogs that resonated closely with him due to their amazing flavours were The Coney Island, The New Yorker, The Chicago and The L.A dog.

On moving to Australia in 2011 Drew wanted to share these traditional flavours with the country he now calls home.

The distinctive mobile food truck is a modern take on the traditional cart that you’d find on the footpaths of New York City. Boasting a superior interpretation of the universally loved roadside snack, the wholesome traditional ingredients you’ll find here are second to none. Choose from a selection of flavours with homemade sauces and packaged up in a scrumptious bun with fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers.

We hope you share the love for dogs as much as we do.

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The Spirit of Nation

Find The Spirit of a Nation at the Food & Wine Expo!

Vantage is an original spirit created in Australia.

Light and fresh on the palate, Australian Lemon Myrtle, Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberries and Australian mandarin oil have been thoughtfully blended to create the unique, crisp taste that is Vantage.

The uplifting welcome of Australian Lemon Myrtle imparts a fresh and cooling sensation in the mouth. The beautifully aromatic flavour concentration and complexity imparts an exquisitely soft citrus undertone and aroma, while conjuring a smoky bush flavour.

Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberries create a gentle peppery aromatic back of throat warmth and add a delicate spice. Australian bred mandarin oil creates balance by sweetening and highlighting the citrus undertones of the lemon myrtle, yet complementing the pepperberries, giving a viscous pour with a pleasantly smooth and memorable after taste.

Discover the crisp flavours and fresh citrus aromas of this unique spirit neat over ice. Vantage is also the perfect base for your favourite cocktail or preferred mixer.

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Twisted River Wines

Find Twisted River Wines at the Food & Wine Expo!

Twisted River Wines is boutique vineyard located on the Henry Parkes Way, 14kms west of Manildra halfway between Orange and Parkes. Twisted River Wines focuses on producing low yielding, high quality grapes.  The fruit flavours are more forward, which makes Twisted River wines crisp, bright and vibrant. Visit our Website or Facebook.

Vanilla Zulu

Find Vanilla Zulu at the Food & Wine Expo! Visit our Website or Facebook

Warrumbungle Wines

Find Warrumbungle Wines at the Food & Wine Expo!

GOLD COAST - Booth #81

The Warrumbungle Mountains are the soaring, jagged remnants of a 13 million year old volcanic hotspot that protrude quite incongruously from the plains in northern NSW. Upon one of the higher peaks was built an astronomical telescope that even today ranks as one of the world's largest, earning the neighbouring town of Coonabarabran the title 'Astronomy Capital of Australia'. It was initially a combination of these factors that lead us to consider Coonabarabran as an intriguing place to plant a vineyard. Almost ten years on from our establishment in 1998, and that initial hunch now seems inspired. The deep volcanic soils, high altitude, low pollution, generous sunshine, and reliable rainfall have enabled us to make such balanced and deeply complex wines that we now wonder why we are not surrounded by vineyards. Visit Website

Wine Partners

See Wine Partners at the Food & Wine Expo!

The NSW Wine Society is operated by Wine Partners of Australia Pty Ltd and was formed with the mission of bringing our members the best quality wines at greatly reduced prices. There are several practices that help us do this: Rigorous Selection Process: Our team of panel experts travel to the wineries and select the best wines Australia has to offer. These wines are not always found in the big commercial wineries but are quite often found in small to medium sized boutique wineries. Cutting out the middle men: We deal directly with the wineries, giving access to wines at a greatly reduced price. We often bring the wines to you at near wholesale price, ...that's 25-35% off. No shares or contracts: Our members do not have to purchase shares or commit to any minimum purchase. We are about enjoying wine, not putting rules on it. You are never under any obligation to purchase and may withdraw or postpone your wine orders at anytime. Visit our Website.  

Wine Selectors

Find Wine Selectors at the Food & Wine Expo!

Friends of honest wine, Wine Selectors delivers authentic Australian wine direct to you. The ease and convenience to browse and buy wine online from over 400 producers means Wine Selectors provides one of Australia's best wine online selections.

It all started in the Hunter Valley, providing one central location for up to 25 local producers to sell their wines. We still work closely with many of these producers today, such as Tyrrell’s, McWilliam’s, Hungerford Hill, Tulloch Wines and Drayton’s. From these humble beginnings we realised our vision; to provide Australians with a chance to have premium wines delivered to their door. Starting with an initial base of less than 100 Members, we are proud to have emerged as the largest independent direct marketer of wine in the country, delivering countless cases of wine each year to over 200,000 customers." Website  | Facebook

Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Find Wyndham Vacation Resorts at The Food & Wine Expo!

GOLD COAST - Booth #51

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham and Wyndham Hotel Group in the South Pacific are all part of the Wyndham Worldwide group of companies. Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific is the region’s largest vacation ownership business with a network of 26 resorts across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, and more than 49,000 Owners all enjoying Wyndham Timeshare through the WorldMark South Pacific Club. We offer a broad range of accommodation options for WorldMark Owners and guests in a joint partnership with Wyndham Hotel Group in the South Pacific through both management and franchise agreements. Visit Website